The sand tray therapy was an amazing training.  I absolutely loved it- good tools to use in the office and an honoring of what we know.

–Maryann Cox, MSW

Dee (Dee Preston-Dillon) was fabulous! So soulful, expressive and generous of spirit- thank you- it was beyond terrific.

–Joan Kristall, LCSW-C

Dee Preston-Dillon is an excellent presenter, she is intuitive and an expert in the field.  It was also a therapeutic experience for me!

–Vivian Morgan, LCPC

Too powerful to fully express- much more than I’ve ever gotten out of any training! I wanted more, more, more!

–Laura Greer, LCSW-C

Yehuda Bergman is such a wonderful presenter; knowledgeable, intuitive and healing!”

–Angela Fowler Hurtado, LICSW

Yehuda Bergman is so gifted- what a wonderful and open-hearted, spiritually-guided leader and teacher- a master.

— Maryann Cox, MSW

Lisa has an amazing wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise and conveys it in a logical and empowering way.

— Marilyn Lawson, LCSW-C

Lisa is the perfect balance of professionalism and sharing from the heart.  Lisa gave great insights!

— Heidi Halik, LCSW-C