Are We Having Fun Yet?: Helping Clients Navigate Sobriety and Recovery
The path to recovery is a journey of “fits and starts”, as clients work to maintain their sobriety while developing new coping skills.  A significant aspect of this path is the realization that recovery is not always a celebration.  In fact, the first part of the journey must always include grief. Read More>

NEW – Buzz!: Understanding the High Sensation Seeking Personality
In this workshop we will explore the high sensation seeking personality and the theoretical aspects of sensation seeking. Read More>

NEW – Courage to Change: Helping Parents of Addicts Evolve
This workshop will provide clinicians with the tools and direction needed to work with parents whose children are addicts. Read More>

Making the Connection: An Integrated Approach for the Treatment of Adolescent Substance Abuse and Trauma
Trauma has been shown to adversely affect many of the neurobiological systems responsible for cognitive development and regulation of emotions and behavior. Read More>

Overview of Common Drugs of Abuse: Understanding Effects, Withdrawal and Treatment
All Clinical Social Workers, LCPCs and other mental health professionals must work with clients and family members that struggle with use and abuse of various substances. Many clinicians do not receive even basic information. Read More>

NEW-Treating Adolescent Substance Abuse and Trauma
Description TBA  Read More>

NEW-Understanding and Treating the Impact of Trauma, Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse in Adolescents 
This workshop will provide clinicians with specific tools, techniques, and strategies to work with adolescents and their families to cope with the impact of trauma, including domestic violence.  Read More>

NEW – Working with Adolescents and Their Families: A Collaborative Approach to Treating Substance Abuse
This workshop will provide clinicians with specific tools, techniques and strategies to engage adolescents and their families in treatment for substance abuse. Read More>