What, Me Worry? How to Transcend Anxiety, Panic and Fear

Although we live in greater safety and security than ever before, Americans are the most nervous people on planet earth! According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 18% of U.S. adults
suffer from clinical anxiety.  For the anxiety sufferer, the automatic fear-response that exists to protect one from harm becomes the very source of nervous suffering.

As a family and business strategist, Dr. Daniel Lerner has effectively integrated his background in clinical psychology with experience in the corporate world to successfully coach numerous individuals who
find themselves “high jacked” by worry and fear.  This workshop will use case vignettes, role-plays, and well-placed humor as a means of conveying how anxiety works and imparting the most effective treatments and self-help interventions for anxiety, panic, and phobias.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To understand the biological, environmental, and learned basis for anxious symptoms.
  2. The 5 huge mistakes people make that reinforce anxious habits.
  3. Review the current treatment models and their limitations.
  4. Learn 3 practical and highly-effective self-help interventions for anxiety and panic.

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