Expressive Therapy Intensive: Using Psychodrama and Other Creative Modalities to Process Counter-Transference When Working with Traumatized Clients

This intensive experiential workshop series will help clinicians who have trained and worked in the field of trauma tap into their own triggers and vulnerabilities while attuning to their physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs.

As we attend to group dynamics including the creation of ground rules and perimeters for safety, participants will have the opportunity to explore and work on parts of the self that are affected by trauma or by the parallel process they experience when working with trauma victims and survivors.  We will use Expressive Therapies, which are defined as the use of art, music, dance/movement, drama, poetry/creative writing, and play, within the context of psychotherapy, counseling, rehabilitation, or health care.   A particular emphasis will be placed on Psychodrama and Role Theory.   

Psychodrama is a holistic, strengths‐based method of psychotherapy in which people are helped to enact and explore situations from their own life ‐ past, present and future. The enacted scenes may be based on specific events, current or past relationships, unresolved experiences, desired roles, or inner thoughts and conflicts.   Psychodrama allows participants to expand the variety and range of their inner roles/parts while learning to access them more spontaneously and efficiently.

Each session will start with a warm-up, which can include a wide range of techniques and exercises aimed at creating group cohesion, a safe and containing atmosphere, and a specific focus for the session.  We will then move to a group or individual enactment process, followed by closure that includes group members exploring with the protagonist their own personal connections with the Psychodramatic experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of the parallel process, triggers, and counter-transferential responses that can be activated in our work with traumatized clients
  • Acquire new, creative, and innovative expressive therapy tools to work with traumatized clients.
  • Learn how to free up ‘inner space’ to increase self-awareness while effectively guiding clients in their own healing journeys.

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