Qigong Movement, Meditation and Massage:Healing Trauma through Mind Body Integration – Level II

In this workshop, we will process how trauma is stored on the body, and how mind-body methods can assist clients in releasing and resolving their stored pain. Participants will have the opportunity to experience, first-hand, healing methods including: Qigong breath work, movement, meditation and self-massage; sound healing methods; and trauma releasing methods.  We will process simple methods that are designed to help clients adjust and regulate their bodies, breath and attention.  We will explore shaking and trembling movements that help release the nervous system and chronic muscular tension.  We will also address movement that is designed to help clients feel re-integrated with their bodies, and to be in a more optimum window of arousal, something that is an essential part of the healing process for trauma survivors. All of the strategies can be used with clients in a regular office setting. Dress comfortably to be able to move freely.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn and practice how to regulate your body, breath and attention to alleviate stress and tension.
  • Learn how to use sound and natural bodily tremors to overcome a shut-down or over-stimulated nervous system.
  • Learn and practice movement, meditation, and massage to release and resolve stored pain and trauma held in the body.

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