From Trauma to Intimacy: Helping Men to Connect

Connecting within a relationship is difficult enough for men! They are hardwired to think and act in different ways than women. In addition, men have been conditioned to repel authenticity and openness, affection and longing, at the expense of deeply connecting in relationship.

Traumas, particularly sexual traumas, often have men behaving like boys in relationships. The aftermath of a boy’s trauma may leave him feeling emotionally and sexually bewildered and frustrated. Unconsciously, an anti-relational toxin forms that leaks out in his adult relationships, particularly his intimate relationships.

This one-day experiential workshop helps professionals who work with men, and couples. Through learning exercises and case studies, it provides therapists a working model to help men regain a sense of confidence, composure and connection with their lover.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the emotional and spiritual effects of trauma in males
  • Overlay these effects on adult males in our culture and society
  • Describe the implications of leaking anti-relational shame toxin into their primary relationships
  • Provide practical treatment options to help the man regain a sense of Confidence, Composure and Connection in those relationships
  • Assist the therapist to understand and validate a couples’ experience, and provide them with blueprints for relational healing

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